Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Next Meeting Scheduled for June 3rd

Retzer Nature Center
Camera Club
June Newsletter

June Meeting Wednesday, June 3rd, 2020, 7:00 PM

Welcome Back!:   After several months of “stay-at-home”, we are ready to resume our club meetings.  We will do so in a manner that will provide a safe environment for all.  The following guidelines will be used for our meetings until further notice:
1.     The Retzer Nature Center is open for meetings of 50 people or less, Standard 6-foot social distancing must be followed.
2.     The use of personal masks is strongly recommended.
3.     Chairs will be spaced out to allow members to keep an appropriate distance from each other. 
4.     We will not be using name tags in order to avoid personal contact.
5.     The attendance sign-in sheet will be at the door.  Please sign in as you enter so we can avoid passing it among members.
6.     And, as always, if you are not feeling well or are experiencing symptoms of Covid-19, please stay home.  We will miss you, but it is better to remain safe.

Program:  We will not have a speaker this month as we are gradually working our way back to a normal meeting schedule.  We will resume with speakers next month.  We will use our program time for members to share some of their experiences during the past several months.  All members are asked to send in 3-4 images for sharing, perhaps showing some of the things you did in the past few months.  Images should be sent to Jim Hobbick ( ).  It will be good to see what you have been up to.

As part of the meeting we will also share the results of the Wisconsin PSA Club Showcase.  Join us and find out how our club scored this year.

2020 Club Programs:

Our 2020 programs and meeting dates are listed below.  Our program chairman, Randy Scherkenbach, is looking for your ideas for programs for 2020.  If you have a topic you would like to see presented, please let Randy know now.  Please forward your ideas to Randy ( ).

2020 Program Schedule:         

·         July 1, 2020
·         August 5, 2020
·         September 2, 2020
·         October 7, 2020
·         November 4, 2020
·         December 2, 2020

Membership Dues:   Membership dues for 2020 are due now.  Membership dues for 2020 may be paid to our Treasurer, Jim Edlhuber, at the meeting.  Annual dues are $15.00/member or $25.00/couple.  Our dues help to provide an honorarium to outside speakers and pay minor club expenses.

Field Trips:
Photo field trips are a great way for us to share our common enjoyment of photography, learn some new techniques and share in camaraderie while getting to know our fellow club members.  Our Outings Co-chairs, Elizabeth Whitcomb and Caryl Sedushak, are working on a schedule that will include some of our traditional outings plus a few new ones. They are always looking for your ideas of some places you would find interesting for a club outing.  If you have any ideas of places you would like to have us shoot, please send your ideas to our Outings Chairperson, Elizabeth Whitcomb (  Better yet, why not offer to coordinate a field trip.  It's not hard - find a place you would like to go, pick a date and we can announce it to the club.  Perhaps you have a favorite place for fall colors or winter scenery. 

2020 Field Trips:  None are scheduled at this time.


Our camera club now has a Facebook page!  If you are on Facebook, simply put Retzer Nature Center Camera Club in the search box and you will find us.  Click on the Join button and Elizabeth or Randy will approve you.  This is a Closed Group and open only to club members.  This means that anything posted here can only be seen by members of the group.  You can feel free to share your work here without fear that someone outside the club will have access to it.  Anything posted here is private, so feel free to ask questions – don’t be embarrassed or shy about it.  The monthly Newsletter, meeting topics and outings will also be posted here.  Check it out!

            Future Events of Interest:

It has been very quiet as far as in person events have been concerned, but there have been a number of online webinars and training events at low or no costs.  If you are aware of any events of general interest, please let us know so we can share them with the club.

Photo Contests and Exhibits:

Retzer Club Page on WACCO Website:  The WACCO website ( has pages for each member club to display photographs from club members.  Check it out to see what our members and other clubs are shooting.  If you would like to see some of your images on our club page, please send several of your images to Caryl Sedushak ( ).  The images should be 2100 pixels on the long side and no larger than 1 mb.  Let’s see some of our great member photos on the WACCO site!

If you are aware of any photo contests or exhibits, please forward the information to Rick Vollbrecht at
Photo Ops:
As a club, our members have a wide variety of subjects that we enjoy photographing.  This newsletter can serve as an excellent way to share various photo opportunities with club members.  If you know of interesting subjects or events that may interest other club members, please forward those to Rick Vollbrecht ( so they can be included in future Newsletters.  If you are interested in having others join you, that information can also be included.  It is fun to shoot with a group.

Photography Classes:

Art’s Cameras Plus and Mike Crivellos Cameras have an extensive list of classes covering everything from camera basics to photographing in a variety of situations and use of Photoshop Elements.  Check out their web sites: and for updated lists of available classes.

If you are aware of other photography classes or seminars, please forward the information to Rick Vollbrecht

Websites of Interest:

Retzer Camera Club blog:  
WACCO (Wisconsin Area Camera Clubs Organization):  
PSA (Photographic Association of America):
PSA Wisconsin:  
Friends of Retzer Nature Center:
Jim Edlhuber’s blog:   

Club Organization:
Our club officers are:

Jim Hobbick
             Vice President 
Elizabeth Whitcomb
Jim Edlhuber
             Program Chair 
Randy Scherkenbach 
             Outings Chair 
Elizabeth Whitcomb, Caryl Sedushak

Members should feel free to contact the officers with any questions and suggestions they may have for the club.