Thursday, October 27, 2016

November Meeting Agenda Tops the Tables

Retzer Nature Center Camera Club November 2016 Newsletter
November Meeting Wednesday, November 2nd, 2016, 7:00 PM
This month we give you an opportunity to practice shooting some tabletop set-ups. We will have multiple tables set up with different objects to challenge your creativity. Among the set-ups we will include shooting through glass with water drops, flowers, soda bubbles on fruit, foreign currency & coins, model cars, and others. Or, bring your own objects to shoot. There will be plenty of opportunities to be creative! Bring your cameras and tripods for a fun evening. A cable release or remote trigger will also be helpful to avoid camera shake.
Member Image Sharing:
Because the program this month will take up most of our meeting time, we will not have any image
sharing. Save your images for next month.
2016 Club Programs:
Our 2016-17 programs and meeting dates are listed below. We have started to add some 2017 programs to the schedule. More will be added as we firm up the speakers.
December 7, 2016 Wisconsin Print Circuit judging. How to shoot fireworks.
January 4, 2017 Holiday Party with spouses invited. Review of Scavenger Hunt images. Member “Best of 2016” show.
February 1, 2017 Judging PSA Wisconsin Club Showcase.
March 1, 2017 Image editing - correction and enhancement presented by Tom Wright. Members will receive images in advance and given an opportunity to show how they would improve them. April 5, 2017 Landscape Photography
May 3, 2017 Marketing Photographs
June 7, 2017 Architecture Photography (inside and outside)
July 5, 2017
August 2, 2017
September 6, 2017
October 4, 2017
November 1, 2017
December 6, 2017 -
Field Trips:
Photo field trips are a great way for us to share our common enjoyment of photography, learn some new techniques and share in camaraderie while getting to know our fellow club members. Our Outings Chairperson, Randy Scherkenbach, has scheduled a number of outings for this year. Please consider attending as many outings as possible. The more people attending, the more fun and the more you will learn! If you have some ideas of where you would like to see us go, please let Randy know. Better yet, why not offer to coordinate a field trip. It's not hard - find a place you would like to go, pick a date and we can announce it to the club.
We currently have no outings schedule