Thursday, November 29, 2018

Annual Holiday Party Slated for December 5th

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December Newsletter

December Meeting Wednesday, December 5th, 2018, 7:00 PM

Program – Annual Holiday Party

Our December meeting will be our annual Holiday Party.  We want to give you some information to help you get ready:
1.     Your spouse / guest is invited to the Holiday Party!  This is an opportunity for them to meet the club members with whom you spend one night a month.  They will also get a chance to see some of the great images our club members create.  So, invite them now!  Make sure your spouse / guest gets the date on their calendar.
2.    At the Holiday Party we will show the results of the 2018 Scavenger Hunt.  See details below.  Check to make sure you have taken images for all the topics and get those last-minute shots.  If you don’t have all ten images, send in what you do have.  You can send them to Rick Vollbrecht ( any time you have all of them ready.  Please rename the images to have your name, image # and the topic in the file name.  For example…RickV-1-Angle, RickV-2-Awakening, etc. 
3.    We are also asking members to send in five of their best or favorite images from 2018.  We will put these images into a program to share with our guests, highlighting our member’s “Best of 2018”.  This program has been very well received by our guests in the past.  So, start getting your images ready and send them to Rick Vollbrecht.  Again, please rename each image to start with your name.  We are looking forward to seeing some great images again this year!

This is your last call for images!  Images must be in to Rick Vollbrecht by Friday, November 30th.  The more images we get from members, the better the program will be. 

Our Photo Scavenger Hunt has become a popular annual event which we will be doing again this year.  Photo scavenger hunts are a fun and challenging way to get your imagination and creative juices flowing! The rules are simple:
1.    Capture one image of each topic.
2.    Be creative - think of a unique way to express the topic.  
3.    Images should be taken in 2018.

The topics for our 2018 Scavenger Hunt are:
1.    Angle
2.    Awakening
3.    Close encounters
4.    Delicious
5.    Depth
6.    Electric
7.    Eyes
8.    Patience
9.    Play
10.  Work

Member Image Sharing:

There will be no individual image sharing this month.  Since our Holiday Party will include showing member Scavenger Hunt and Best of 2018 images, members are encouraged to submit images for those events.

2019 Club Programs:

Our 2019 programs and meeting dates are listed below.  Our program chairman, Randy Scherkenbach, is looking for your ideas for programs for 2019.  If you have a topic you would like to see presented, please let Randy know now.  Please forward your ideas to Randy ( ).

2019 Program Schedule:         

·         January 2, 2019 – Chris Collins – 365 Projects
·         February 6, 2019 – Geri Laehn - Astrophotography
·         March 6, 2019 - PSA Wisconsin Showcase judging
·         April 3, 2019
·         May 1, 2019
·         June 5, 2019
·         July 3, 2019 – No meeting
·         August 7, 2019
·         September 4, 2019
·         October 2, 2019
·         November 6, 2019
·         December 4, 2019

Field Trips:

Photo field trips are a great way for us to share our common enjoyment of photography, learn some new techniques and share in camaraderie while getting to know our fellow club members.  Our Outings Co-chairs, Elizabeth Whitcomb and Caryl Sedushak, are working on a schedule that will include some of our traditional outings plus a few new ones. They are always looking for your ideas of some places you would find interesting for a club outing.  If you have any ideas of places you would like to have us shoot, please send your ideas to our Outings Chairperson, Elizabeth Whitcomb (  Better yet, why not offer to coordinate a field trip.  It's not hard - find a place you would like to go, pick a date and we can announce it to the club.  Perhaps you have a favorite place for fall colors or winter scenery. 

2019 Field Trips:  No trips are planned at this time.

Facebook: Our camera club now has a Facebook page!  If you are on Facebook, simply put Retzer Nature Center Camera Club in the search box and you will find us.  Click on the Join button and Elizabeth or Randy will approve you.  This is a Closed Group and open only to club members.  This means that anything posted here can only be seen by members of the group.  You can feel free to share your work here without fear that someone outside the club will have access to it.  Anything posted here is private, so feel free to ask questions – don’t be embarrassed or shy about it.  The monthly Newsletter, meeting topics and outings will also be posted here.  Check it out!

Annual Dues:  Dues for the 2019 club year are $15.00 for an individual and $25.00 for a couple.  You can pay your dues to our Treasurer, Jim Edlhuber, at the next meeting.  Our dues help to pay for guest speaker honorariums and club expenses.

            Future Events of Interest:
If you are aware of any events of general interest, please let us know so we can share them with the club.

WACCO Photography Seminar and Workshop - Saturday, March 2, 2019.  WACCO’s annual seminar features professional photographer Colleen Miniuk-Sperry.   She will be speaking on topics including Finding Your Creative Voice, Composition: No More Rules, Seeing the Light in Outdoor Photography and Ebb and Flow: Riding the Waves of Creative Energy.  An optional workshop will be held on Sunday, March 3rd.  For more information and registration, go to the WACCO website: .

Photo Contests and Exhibits:

Garden Expo Photography ContestApplication deadline: December 15, 2018.  Sponsored by Wisconsin Public Television, this is the inaugural year for the contest.  It is designed to bring another form of art, imagery and perspective to the Garden Expo.  Additional information is available at: .

If you are aware of any photo contests or exhibits, please forward the information to Rick Vollbrecht at

Equipment for Sale:  Our member Mary Margaret Wacker, has a relative who is a freelance photographer and is selling some of her unused equipment.  She has for sale a Fuji X100 (from 2011) with the original box, lens hood, filter and two batteries.  The equipment is well cared for.  If you are interested, contact Mary Margaret at 414-587-6008, or  

Photo Ops:
As a club, our members have a wide variety of subjects that we enjoy photographing.  This newsletter can serve as an excellent way to share various photo opportunities with club members.  If you know of interesting subjects or events that may interest other club members, please forward those to Rick Vollbrecht ( so they can be included in future Newsletters.  If you are interested in having others join you, that information can also be included.  It is fun to shoot with a group.

Photography Classes:

A variety of non-credit, reasonably priced classes on photography and Photoshop are available at Waukesha County Technical College (WCTC) and UW Waukesha.  The new UW Waukesha catalog is now available.  Check their web sites for more information.   

UW Waukesha:  

Art’s Cameras Plus has an extensive list of classes covering everything from camera basics to photographing in a variety of situations and use of Photoshop Elements.  Check out their web site: .  If you are aware of other photography classes or seminars, please forward the information to Rick Vollbrecht

Websites of Interest:

Retzer Camera Club blog:  
WACCO (Wisconsin Area Camera Clubs Organization):  PSA (Photographic Association of America): PSA Wisconsin:  
Friends of Retzer Nature Center:
Jim Edlhuber’s blog:   

 Club Organization:
Our club officers are:

Tom Wright
             Vice President 
Jim Hobbick
Jim Edlhuber
             Program Chair 
Randy Scherkenbach 
             Outings Chair 
Elizabeth Whitcomb, Caryl Sedushak

Members should feel free to contact the officers with any questions and suggestions they may have for the club.