Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Santa Says: "Don't Miss the Dec. Meeting!"

Retzer Nature Center
Camera Club
Wednesday, December 7th, 7:00 PM
With the holiday season upon us, our December program will look at creating personalized greeting cards using your photos. Ruth Ruddock and Barb Rasmussen will show us how they create their greeting cards. Rick Vollbrecht will also demonstrate using Photoshop Elements to create cards. I am sure that many of you have created your own cards in the past, so please bring along some examples of your cards to help give club members some creative idea. If anyone would like to take a little more time to demonstrate the process they use, please let me know and we can include you in the program!
We should also have some time to look at member images, so bring some images to share with the club. Please limit yourself to five images so we have time for everyone. Images should be in JPEG format and work best if they are on a flash drive. Newer members and those who have not shared images before are are encouraged to participate. We can provide some gentle critique to help you improve your skills.
See you next Wednesday.
Future meetings: Jan 4th, Feb 1st. Mar 7th, April 4th, May 2nd

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Snowy Owl Alert from Jim E.

Here is some information on Snowy Owls from Jim Edlhuber:

Wisconsin birders are saying, we have an invasion of beautiful Snowy Owls. In recent weeks, at least 12 Snowy Owls have been reported on the Wisconsin Birding List. They have been reported over the entire state. The Snowy Owl lives at the extreme northern margins of the Arctic tundra. Some years they come far south to Wisconsin and other Midwest states for food sources, when their northern natural food supply of lemmings is low. Other reasons mentioned is that it is a good breeding year. That is when there are excellent opportunities to photograph them. 

Following the Wisconsin Birding List, can give you recent sighting locations. Keep in mind good birding ethics when viewing these or any other birds. Obviously reported birds can be at locations for only minutes, hours or days. Snowy Owls are usually seen in Wisconsin from Dec-Jan, so they are early birds (no pun intended).

Jim Edlhuber has gone to a few of the locations and has some pictures to share at the links below: 

Sheboygan Marina Snowy Owl:

Horicon Marsh Snowy Owls: